Davey Rainbank KRB3

Davey Rainbank KRB2

The Davey Rainbank KRB3 is a high-range pump for garden watering, toilet and laundry applications. It is capable of supplying 3-4 garden taps, irrigation systems, as well as internal household appliances.

The Davey Rainbank KRB3 comes with a very high pressure jet pump and the Rainbank II electronic pressure controller. The Rainbank controller provides seamless switching to a mains water backup supply in the event that your tanks are empty.

The Rainbank KRB3 comes with a two year warranty, and requires installation by a licensed plumber.

Key Benefits

• Proven reliability from a big brand manufacturer
• Two year warranty
• High pressure, high quality, reliable pump for garden watering and feeding toilets and washing machine
• Minimal pressure drop in mains pressure through the Rainbank II
• Mains water backup operates in the event of a blackout.

Selecting the right pump

1. Estimate required flow rate that you need your pump to provide.

2. Calculate how far from the tank the pump needs to deliver the water, both horizontal and vertical distance.

3. Check the size of the delivery pipe or hose.

4. Contact us for help using this information to select the best pump for your application.