How To Install Garden Beds

Installed Garden BedHow To Install Garden Beds

Gardeners Watertanks’ garden beds provide a convenient and elegant solution to creating a new landscaping feature, as well as an easily maintained space to grow vegetables and herbs for your home.

This quick guide explains how you might get your garden bed ready for use. There are many alternatives, and if you have questions then please ask for more details.

If the bed is to be placed on a lawn or garden we recommend digging in the first couple of corrugations for added satiability. To obtain your optimal finished height allow about 15cm extra height of the bed when you order.

Fill the first 2/3 of the bed with any material suitable for drainage, for example: gravel, bricks, sandstone, broken terracotta pipes or roof tiles. A good idea is to use upturned polystyrene boxes to fill to bottom of tall garden beds.

Once the drainage has been added, lay down a bed of straw. To the top of the straw, add some topsoil and then just begin to add organic material to the pile; cow manure, horse manure, chicken droppings, raw fruits and vegetables, coffee grounds, raw eggs, newspaper, more straw, topsoil, and other organic material.

It is advisable to keep this pile covered if you have outside pets, as this pile is an open source of bacteria until it is properly decomposed. Toss the material regularly with a pitchfork.

Once all material has decomposed thoroughly your bed is ready for planting.

If you require assistance installing your Garden Bed, in the greater Brisbane area, please contact Gardeners Watertanks on 1300 556 813, or use our contact form.