How To Connect Your Water Tank Pump

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How To Connect Your Water Tank Pump

In most cases you will need a pump to get the water out of the tank. Ideally the pump will be located as close as possible to the water tank and on the same level as the base and will either sit on its own concrete slab or mounted to the tanks concrete slab.

A pump is usually plumbed to a water tank via a 25mm non-return valve and a small length of 25mm suction hose. A length of 25mm poly pipe then extends from the pump to a mounted garden tap. This is a standard pump installation. Pumps can also be connected to irrigation systems and internal appliances such as toilets and washing machines. A licensed plumber is always required to plumb to an internal appliance.

Pump CoverWhile water tank pumps are made to handle all weather it is a good idea to keep the pump covered. Pump covers are available in a range of colours and materials.

A well designed rainwater harvesting system can save you from using about 40% of your normal household mains water consumption. This can save you money, as well as helping to reduce the demand on precious natural resources.

In some states in Australia, it is mandatory to install a rainwater tank to supply water to the toilets, gardens and washing machine when you build or renovate a house. In this case, a mains water back up controller will be required to ensure that the household has seamless switching back to mains water in the event that the tank water is used up, or there is a power failure.

This simple system of using an automated mains water backup device should give you trouble free access to your rainwater and allow you to maximise the return on the investment of your rainwater tank.

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