Evolution MkII

Evolution MkII

The Evolution MkII is the first rainwater harvesting unit designed specifically for new home builders.

By integrating our premium quality steel rainwater tanks with a submersible pump and RainBank controller, the ‘Evolution MkII’ offers the advantage of dramatically reducing the installation time and saving costs, while improving the appearance for the home owner.

The ‘Evolution MkII’ includes a powerful submersible pump and Davey RainBank mains by-pass controller as an integrated unit. Compression fittings built in to the unit allow a simple connection to the copper tails on the wall. Hook up the inlet line and overflow, plug the power lead in, and the ‘Evolution MkII’ rainwater harvesting unit is completely installed. The ‘Evolution MkII’ will save time and money.

The home owner will appreciate the improved appearance of the ‘Evolution MkII’ rainwater harvesting system. No longer will the design of the house be compromised by pipes, leads, filters, controllers and brackets attached to their wall.

The ‘Evolution MkII’ contains a whisper quiet, powerful Davey D42A/B submersible pump that will service both low set and high set homes with ease. When the tank runs out of water, the RainBank controller will open the main line to the internal appliances.
The RainBank electronic mains by-pass controller is very reliable, and has been proven in thousands of installations across Australia.

The Evolution Series is available in both the Slimline and Round configurations for capacities in excess of 2,000 litres.